Dental cabinet "STOMADENT" Ltd. Dr Georgievi  Sofia, Slatina bl.27A, entr.D, 1st floor and tel.+3592 8708623,+359887003868,+359889522023 Chataldzha 17-19 Ground Floor, right of central entrance, tel.+3592 9434226, +359887003868, +359885557059.

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address 1:
Slatina bl.27A, entr.D, 1st floor
tel: +3592 8708623,+359887003868,

address 2:
Chataldzha 17-19 Ground Floor
tel: +3592 9434226,+359887003868

Everything in the field of dental implants, surgery, endodontics, orthopedics, physiotherapy, iontophoresis, electrodontodiagnostic, laser apekslokator. We work qualitatively and we have reasonable prices. Heredity in the profession, three dentists take care of your beautiful and healthy smile. Fast, accurate, painless! Visit us, we are next to you. Saturday and Sunday we accept urgency whenever we are in Sofia.

Dental laboratory in our neighborhood is a testimonial to us for quality and on time manufactured structures.
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