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Slatina bl.27A, entr.D, 1st floor
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Chataldzha 17-19 Ground Floor
tel: +3592 9434226,+359887003868
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Dental cabinet "STOMADENT" Ltd. Dr Georgievi  Sofia, Slatina bl.27A, entr.D, 1st floor and tel.+3592 8708623,+359887003868,+359889522023 Chataldzha 17-19 Ground Floor, right of central entrance, tel.+3592 9434226, +359887003868, +359885557059.


Symbiosis between dentist and dental technician is very important to our profession. The presence of dental lab right next to us is a significant occasion for pride. There are not many colleagues who have themselves to two wonderful professionals, such as our dental technicians. Modernly furnished laboratory, exclusive profesionalisam and materials of the leading companies are testimonial for excellent  denture structures.
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